Two Trails to Hike in Arizona

During my stay in Arizona, I attempted two hikes, but unfortunately was only able to complete one. I am honestly afraid of heights so I don’t know why I do this to myself lol. I suppose it’s because the feeling of conquering my fears is totally worth it! If you enjoy hiking, you have to try these two trails if you’re ever in Arizona!

1. Devil’s Bridge – Sedona, Arizona

Overall, the hike was fairly easy, but became super steep at the end. The hike roundtrip was about 4 miles. Not bad right? The trail is ill-named, as the views were absolutely heavenly. I could’ve stayed out there all day if I didn’t get hangry.

Parking: We stumbled across parking near Dry Creek Road (for free) and it was about a mile walk from there to the actual trail. You can also park at Mescal Trailhead.

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I'm a little different than most…

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In order to get a picture on the actual bridge you’ll either have to:

A. Bring a tripod & hope no one steals your phone
B. Bring extra friends
C. Ask a random stranger who is standing on the other side & hope they don’t run away with your phone

We had to go with choice C. Someone took a picture for us in exchange for us taking a picture of them so it worked out okay lol. Thank God they didn’t run away with my phone!

I am the random stranger on the other side
God Bless

We were literally shaking while our pictures were being taken. The most narrow part of this “bridge” is about 6 feet, but it seemed like 2 feet! I am also extremely dramatic so it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it seem. It was very much worth it though!

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Devil's Bridge 😈

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2. Camelback Mountain – Cholla Trail – Phoenix, Arizona

After making it out alive at Devils Bridge, I felt like I could do anything. I was ready for another challenge. The next day, my boyfriend (who’s a Phoenix native) took me to Camelback Mountain. Now there are two trails, but he suggested we do the “easier” one, called Cholla Trail.  If you’re a more advanced hiker you may want to try the Echo Canyon Trail.

You can see below that everything was fine at first…

The trail was pretty steep, but then it continued to get steeper.. and then the trail became more narrow.

It was in this instant that I saw my life flash before my eyes:

me running away from the trail

In order to make it to the top, you literally had to climb those rocks behind me. First of all, I didn’t have real hiking shoes on. And second of all, I am the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet. One wrong step and that was it for me!

Unfortunately, my fear got the best of me this day. But next time I’m in Arizona, it’s me and you Camelback. It’s me and you.

Comment below with your favorite places to hike in Arizona!

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14 thoughts on “Two Trails to Hike in Arizona

  1. The view is breathtaking and well worth the hike once you make it up to the top. My daughter and I went up camelback when we first arrive in Arizona, I have been here three years now and I haven’t gone back up but now that’s it’s cooling off we may try a different one. 🙂

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  2. Okay, now you’ve convinced me to go to Arizona too!! Are these hikes pretty close to Phoenix?? I feel like it would be a cute girls trip!

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