About Me


Hey, Y’all!  I’m Amanda Grace, a physical therapist, a passionate traveler, and an adventurous foodie.  I was born in New York, raised in Georgia, and am currently living in Southern California.  I earned my Bachelors of Exercise Science from Georgia State University and my Doctorate degree from Hampton University.

I originally created this blog to answer the most frequent questions I received in my Instagram messages to avoid having to type the answers over and over again haha. After creating it, I found that I actually enjoy blogging!  For me, the word passage not only represents my blog posts but also my journey through my physical therapy profession, travels, and things that just made my life easier.  My blog consists of a personal collection of travel, physical therapy, and other life experiences.  I hope you enjoy ❤

If you have ANY questions, comments or recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With Love,
Amanda Grace ❤

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