How to Get Inside of the Benagil Cave

kayaking into the benagil cave

The easiest way to get inside the cave is from Benagil Beach.  Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll find a free parking lot at the top of the hill. We went in May, and there were plenty of parking spaces.  We heard there is limited parking during peak season so get there early!  From the parking lot, you can find a trail to view the cave from the top or you can walk down the hill where you will approach the beach.

Benagil Beach Address: CM1154, 8400 Lagoa, Portugal

Here’s how to get inside from the beach:

Rent a Kayak

Right before you enter the beach there is a small stand in the corner that rents out individual and double kayaks.  We rented an overpriced double kayak that cost 30 € ($34) for 45 minutes, but it was totally worth it.  You can also rent it for 90 minutes at 60 € ($68).  We had no idea how to kayak so we made it in about 10 minutes, but experienced kayakers should be able to make it in 5 minutes.




I totally don’t recommend this, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can swim into the cave.  Apparently, people do it all of the time and it’s a 5-10 minute swim.  Of course, use your judgment and please don’t drown, ok.  Be aware of the boats nearby.  If the waves are strong, it’s probably not the best idea.

Take a Boat Tour

From my understanding, the boat tours will go inside the cave, but they won’t let you off the boat to get cool photos.  Rude.  The upside is, they take you to other rock formations nearby.  Our Airbnb host suggested booking through Aurora Boat Trips.

silhouette in the benagil cave

I had dreamed of coming here for a while, and it felt amazing to finally witness it for myself.  Probably one of my favorite adventures ever.  There are tons of other things to do nearby too!  Click here for all of my suggestions.

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